Bar Code/RFID

Our goal is to increase your competitive edge and profitability through operational efficiency gains on your material handling equipment. For your conveyors, AGVs, ASRS, palletizers, fork trucks, sorters, induction stations, and more... you can choose from a broad range of applications, including 1D and 2D bar code scanning, side-by-side package detection, pallet ID and positioning, and package dimensioning.

Contactors and Circuit Breakers

Worldwide manufacturers of Contactors and Circuit Breakers.

Couplings, Fittings and Tubing

Providing controlled performance connections to industrial, biopharmaceutical, medical and packaging markets and improving those applications with continuous product innovations and technological advancements.

Colder Products Company


To allow a design engineer greater versatility when designing cylinders into applications, we offer a wide variety of options. From 3/4" bore up to 6" bore in material of Brass to Stainless Steel. Our cylinders can be used for hydraulic or pneumatic application with a wide variety of mounting options.


Drives & Motors

Drive and motor product line offers users a combination of advanced speed control and customized functionality. Ideal for motor control in applications such as pumps, fans, blowers, mixers, machine tools, conveyors and compressors. Many models offer user-configurable parameters, easily customized for the users’ specific wants.

ABB - Power and Productivity for a Better World
Moons - Moving in Better Ways
IMS Schneider Electric


Worldwide manufacturers of Motion Feedback devices serving the diverse needs of global customers.

Fieldbus Networks

Catch the Right Bus! DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, Interbus, ASI,CAN Open, ControlNet which one is the right bus.

Fluid Power Components

Maintaining your equipment doesn't stop at controls. We provide fittings, solenoids, tubing and we will help you save money by selecting the correct item for your needs.

Colder Products Company


Helical, helical worm, and helical bevel gearbox designs provide highly efficient and highly durable power transmission solutions in both right angle and inline shaft configurations. A modular design results in an extensive list of mounting and connection options.

CGI Inc. - Advanced Products for Robotics and Automation
DieQua Corporation - gearboxes, gearheads, speed reducers, and gearmotors
Nidec-Shimpo - Gearboxes and Gearing

Linear Actuators

The fully intergrated Linear Motor Stage designed to deliver high performance to a wide range of applications with minimal effort. The motor coil, magnet track, Linear guide bearings, feedback, and cable carrier are all factory assembled to a precision aluminum base. The result is a Linear motor system that is as easy to specify as it to startup.

IMS Schneider Electric

Motion Control

Our vendor lines offer compact AC and DC servo drives and servo motors that deliver ultra-high performance, with advanced monitoring features built into the drives. Whatever your motion control need: torque, position or speed our application engineers will select the right the control system for you.

CGI Inc. - Advanced Products for Robotics and Automation
DieQua Corporation - gearboxes, gearheads, speed reducers, and gearmotors
Moons - Moving in Better Ways

Operator Interfaces

Choose from compact, alpha-numeric keypad displays to high-powered, graphic-interactive color touchscreens. Many models can communicate with programmable controllers from Omron, Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Modicon, PLC Direct and Siemens and also connect directly to optical code readers and receive screen downloads from memory modules.


Between intense competition and customer demands, there is little room for error. Your challenges include ever changing production schedules, adapting to product customization, increase product quality and the reduction of cost and development time of a product. Our vendors provide the control solution to satisfy these objectives and your customer's demands simultaneously.

Our PLC/PC solutions are designed to solve your control applications with: Flexible communication and connectivity, powerful information management, superior control performance, extensive maintenance functionality and easy migration and an enhanced design and development environment.

ABB - Power and Productivity for a Better World

Push Buttons, Panel Indicators, Relays

Picture yourself in this scenario: The automation project you made is having some problems since a valve is not activating. The problem is that the company is far away and production is stopped...

With our interface relay, just tell them to pull up the small lever on top of the relay if the valve doesn't get active just tell them to replace it or simply check wiring.

Either you want just a simple display unit of US35 or powerful interfaces with Nema 4 protection with keyboard and high size indicating LEDs. Our Optimate panels are compatible with most of the PLC automation brands. You have an option for every application and budget.


Innovative and powerful industrial robots for high-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging, and factory automation.

Adept - Robotics

Safety Solutions

Safety first!!! Keep your machinery and production lines up-to-date with safety products that meet the latest OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

Omron Safety Solutions

Sensing Solutions

Whether it’s presence/absence, triggering a process or measuring a part, we have a a digital or analog sensor to meet your application needs.

Status Indicators

Visual and Audible Machine Status Indicators. Dedicated to the design and development of Visual and Signaling technology, PATLITE offers the Industry's most comprehensive selection of signal towers, cube towers, rotating warning lights, voice synthesizers and audible alarms used to indicate machine status.

Temp/Process Controllers

Our temperature and process products span the solution spectrum from discrete control to sophisticated adaptive tuning. Control options range from straightforward heat/cool applications to advanced ramp/soak and multi-zone process.

Terminal Blocks, Distributed I/O

Beside the screw clamp technology, the spring clamp technology, with its pre-programmed clamping force adjusting automatically to the conductor cross section, guarantees a gas tight contact regardless of the experience of the installer. Result: Vibration-proof, maintenance-free connections.

Timers/Counters, Power Supplies

Simple to set up and operate. Easy to read display. Choose from 30cps, or 1, 5 or 10kcps Count speed. Choose from one-shot, sustained or instantaneous output models. UL, CSA, CE approved.


No matter what your industry, application or operating environment, our valve offering can meet your machine design. From 2-way to 4-way and many different materials, we can solve your control valve applications.

Vision & Inspection

Vision solutions include Gray Scale, Binary or Color processing, cameras that include controllable LED lighting and a fixed lens or cameras with standard "C" mounts for variable lenses with external, controllable lighting. Setup is easy with one-button teaching, on-screen setup or Windows® -based setup software. All have built-in I/O and a communications port.

Wireless Solutions

Industrial wireless products provide secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, as an alternative for signal and data wiring. These products fall into four groups.

Wireless I/O, also known as radio telemetry, connect directly to sensor and control signals, and transmit the signal values by radio. The signals are either re-created as similar signals, or output as a data connection — Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus etc. Wireless I/O networks can be as simple as two units transferring a small number of signals from one point to another, or they can be complex data-acquisition networks with multiple “master” interfaces to external systems.

Wireless Gateways provide wireless connectivity between data buses - connectivity between devices using the same data bus, or between different data buses (Ethernet to Profibus to DeviceNet to Modbus etc). Wireless gateways are similar in operation to wireless modems, however gateways only provide a register interface to the data bus, transferring I/O registers only.

Wireless Modems transmit serial or Ethernet data, providing a wireless extension of the data link. Example applications are PLC to PLC connections (point-to-point), connecting SCADA to a group of PLCs (point-to-multipoint), or forming a wireless PLC LAN (multidrop). Wireless modems transmit the data with minimal transformation.

Wireless GPRS Alarm Modems use GPM mobile technology to provide alarm and status information directly to a mobile device, SMS, email, or via fax. The GPRS Alarm Modem can be located anywhere GSM reception is available. Site, remote location, or plant monitoring can be conducted remotely without the need for onsite employees.